Covid is mainly spread from close contact with an infected person when they cough, sneeze, or talk. While the virus may survive on surfaces, it is not easily spread this way. To the best of our knowledge, the risk of acquiring Covid from food is minimal to none.

At The Monkey Bar, we take your continued good health, and our own, very seriously. Please be assured that many, many hours have been spent researching, discussing, and creating our Covid policies, and in preparing to welcome you back as safely as we can.

We are required to reduce seating capacity and minimize staff to ensure your safety. Please be patient. We are all adapting to the “new normal”.

We are so very grateful for your support and I assure you that we are smiling under our masks!

Rules for Staff

All staff are required to:

  • maintain the highest level of personal hygiene
  • perform self-screening assessments before they come to work
  • complete and record an active health screening when they arrive at work
  • read and conform to our Covid policies
  • maintain the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation at work

All staff have been trained to understand our Covid policies and how to implement them, including:

  • how to properly hand wash
  • how to use a mask
  • how to self-screen
  • the need for frequent disinfecting of commonly touched items and surfaces
  • how to safely cough or sneeze
  • what to do if they feel sick and how to notify health authorities
  • how to self-isolate

What We Are Doing Differently

  • tables are spaced 6 feet apart, please do not move them
  • tables will be set after you are seated
  • menus are single use; please keep them until the end of your meal and then we will safely dispose of them
  • cutlery is rolled in a napkin for your safety
  • please request salt, pepper, sugar or sweetener, if needed, as these will not be left on the table
  • to minimize contact, servers will put your plates at the edge of the table and ask that you serve yourselves
  • to minimize contact, we ask that put your plates at the end of the table when you are finished for the server to collect
  • if you want to take home your leftovers, please let us know and we will bring you a takeout container rather than taking care of this in the kitchen
  • to minimize contact, we ask that once we open your wine that you serve yourselves
  • to minimize contact, we will refill your water or coffee only upon request
  • we are not offering BYOW at this time

Rules for Customers

We kindly request that you:

  • make a reservation
  • cancel your reservation if you are unable to attend
  • minimize the items that you bring to the restaurant
  • wear a mask at all times except when eating (please wear your mask upon entry, when talking with your party, when your server is present, when you use the washrooms, when you leave)
  • order takeout if you cannot wear a mask; we may deny service to anyone who does not wear a mask
  • note that a face screen is not considered a face mask
  • perform a self-assessment before leaving home
  • if you are sick, for any reason, please stay home; we may deny service to anyone displaying symptoms of Covid
  • perform a self-assessment when you arrive at the restaurant
  • use the handwashing station at the entrance to the restaurant
  • provide the requested information to our staff who are required to maintain customer logs for contact tracing purposes
  • follow physical distancing guidelines marked on the floor
  • observe sneeze and cough etiquette
  • request a bag to safely dispose of any wipes or tissues; please do not leave them on the table
  • refrain from hugging, kissing, or shaking hands with your guests, other guests, or our staff
  • refrain from moving tables; only 6 people are permitted to sit at the same table
  • pay by debit or credit, not cash
  • please remember to collect all of your belongings when you leave; we will not be maintaining a lost and found box for the time being

If you feel sick, call Telehealth (1-866-797-0000), public health (416-338-7600 or email, or your family doctor and ask for instructions.

Questions, Comments, and Complaints

Our staff are doing their best and are following the instruction that we have given them. Businesses like ours face significant financial penalties if rules and procedures are not followed. If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about our Covid rules and procedures, please ask to speak Richard (647-780-3449) or Melissa (416-888-0432), or email